I’m going to post the counter-viewpoint and play devil’s advocate here… Asbestos suit on! Now, I know nothing about Sarah — maybe she’s an awesome developer. However, taking the other side — the things she’s posted about demonstrating her technical ability may show that she has some technical ability, but don’t demonstrate how deep/good they are. Maybe her Rails sites are rubbish, she has a little jQuery and therefore considers herself a “full stack” developer. From this article, we just don’t know…

But let’s say the commenter doesn’t know how good she is or not. It’s important that according to Sarah — he didn’t look her up on Facebook, or twitter, or do a Google Images search. He went to LinkedIn, the “World’s Largest Professional Network”, to see what she’d done professionally before making his judgement.

If you imagine his comment with the single “she” replaced with a “he”, it would still be the same comment. He doesn’t say “If you’re working for a young woman, you should re-evaluate your life”, he’s saying that he thinks it’s a bad idea for an engineer to be working for someone that young, with only a few years experience out of University with an unrelated degree (so they obviously weren’t spending all their time on high tech issues, they had to spend some on unrelated Uni work).

Now, for all I know Sarah is awesome, an amazing developer, visionary and people manager — but and this is the but, I think she was a bit quick to jump on the ‘he’s a sexist’ bandwagon from one comment that would have been valid (whether it’s agreed with or not) regardless of the one gender defining word in the comment.

Anyway, I’ve delayed you all too long, flame away…


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